Design Aug 25, 2009

“Shavings” Stool

Israeli designer Yoav Avinoam’s “Shavings” Stool makes economic use of of shop sawdust. Avinoam creates the stools by pressing the sawdust, resin, and the three legs into a mold. One of the nicest effects of this construction method… Read more
Design Aug 7, 2009

Simon Hasan for Vauxhall Collective

Simon Hasan’s new collection of furniture for Vauxhall Collective was inspired by his trips to UK industrial and craft centers. The material takes from tradition – the splitting of wood timber, brass and stoneware production, leather… Read more
Design Jul 9, 2009

Lazer Stool

Yes, two stools in one day. I’ve got a thing for them. Despite minimal construction (the seat is a simple three piece plywood build), the Lazer Stool has a rather alluring stance. Moreover, it is embellished on top with an … Read more
Design Jul 9, 2009

Shitake Stool

Molded plastic provides a material road to a stool based in fantasy. Marcel Wanders devised the Shitake Stool for Moroso, and was inspired by Snow White. The stools are hollow allowing for a water, soil, or sand weight to be … Read more
Design Jul 8, 2009

Monarchy Stool

Greek designer Yiannis Ghikhas looked to the monarchy for the design of this rocking stool. The inspiration comes not in formality, or pomp and circumstance, but in shape. The stool is modeled after a crown, allowing it to retain a … Read more
Design May 26, 2009

Brikolor 300 Year Furniture

Brikolor have designed a new line of furniture with a guarantee that it will last 300 years. Now, while the guarantee is new, the notion of well crafted furniture lasting for centuries is not particularly novel. The collection includes two… Read more
Design Mar 17, 2009

Mirrored Chairs by Kai Linke

Kai Linke’s “Mirrored Chairs” are molded plastic models of symmetry. Her work takes inspiration from the average outdoor armchair and adds some needed playfulness. Aside from the above there is also a more usable armchair and a stool… Read more
Design Mar 16, 2009

Milk Stool

For the “Milk Stool” designer Steffan Holm transfers traditional Swedish craft techniques to computer aided 5-Axis milling. His interest is in producing emotional sustainability in design, making furniture that carries a special place… Read more
Furniture Dec 19, 2008

Artek and Beams Stool

We’ve talked frequently about our enjoyment of Artek product, particularly as it relates to the manufacture of Aalvar Alto designs. This stool breaks the mold, a bit for us anyway, and introduces a new collaborative effort between the… Read more
Design Nov 24, 2008

Plopp Stool by Oskar Zieta

Polish designer Oskar Zieta has produced a new metal stool, called Plopp, for Danish furniture maker Hay. The stool is constructed by wielding two pieces of metal together and then filling out the shape by inserting a pressurized fluid. The… Read more
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