Sneakers Dec 15, 2011

Streetorialist 6: The Quiver

Earlier this year I made a big move, back towards home from Asia, where I had been for the last half decade. An operation like that is enough to set anyone on edge, but what really set me off about … Read more
Fashion Dec 1, 2011

Streetorialist Lesson 5: The Manifesto

I was reading this article from a looong minute ago in the NYT the other day, about the concept of one’s lifestyle as a brand, and it got me thinking. There are endless quantities of these ‘lifestyle’ brands. Truthfully, all … Read more
Fashion Nov 28, 2011

Streetorialist Lesson 4: Snowblown

I had meant to dedicate this weeks column to something a little more all-encompassing, but then, almost out of nowhere, winter fell down upon me. Probably should have seen it coming. As such, other subjects can inevitably be put on … Read more
Other Nov 18, 2011

Streetorialist Lesson 3: The Rules

In the previous installment of The Streetorialist I made reference to occasionally pairing hightops with a suit, and took a bit of a shellacking in the comments section. More on that later, but suffice to say that it got me … Read more
Sneakers Nov 15, 2011

Streetorialist Lesson 2: Just Kick It

In honour of the passing of James Van Doren, the founder/designer of Vans, I thought this week we would look at footwear. There’s an old saying that the way to determine a man’s personal style is through his shoes and … Read more
Fashion Nov 4, 2011

Streetorialist Lesson 1: Intros & B-Sides

Columns about fashion in all their forms are everywhere one looks. What to wear with what, where and how to do it, get it, et cetera. Can’t bump into a iPadder without seeing another one. And yet, there aren’t many … Read more
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