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Gadgets Jan 21, 2013

Sony Announces the Waterproof Xperia Tablet Z

Electronics giant Sony recently announced the Xperia Tablet Z. The upcoming device will serve as Sony’s counterpart to its Xperia smartphones and will feature advanced specs both externally and internally. The Android 4.1 tablet runs on a… Read more
Gadgets Oct 29, 2012

Google and Samsung Announce the Nexus 10 Tablet

Google did not only announce the Nexus 4 smartphone today, but also presents the exciting Samsung produced Nexus 10, 10″ tablet computer, their competitor to the popular iPad. Apparently featuring the most high resolution display on the… Read more
Gadgets Jun 27, 2012

Google Nexus 7 Tablet

Google is in the middle of announcing their latest products and even though it has yet to be unveiled, we’ve already got first images of the Google Nexus 7 Tablet. This 7-inch tablet computer may be the first real competition … Read more
Gadgets Jun 19, 2012

Video: Surface by Microsoft – Commercial

Earlier today we presented the all new Surface by Microsoft tablet computer line. Aside from the specs, the built in stand and cover that features both keyboard and track pad are among the smartest and most interesting features of the new… Read more
Gadgets Jun 18, 2012

Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Tablet Computer

At a surprising last minute press event in Los Angeles, Microsoft unveiled their very own Surface Windows 8 Tablet Computer. Both in terms of design and functionality the tablet is actually rather impressive. Of course now it comes down to… Read more
Gadgets Apr 17, 2012

Glass Smart Phone/Tablet Concept

Today we come across a great new glass smart phone and tablet concept by Andrew Solesbury. If the future looks like this, we are definitely already excited. “The Glass Smart Phone/Tablet is a concept for the future smart phone; edge … Read more
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