Stores Sep 16, 2008

Hoods HK Feature

Think Silly has released a new feature on their site, entitled Hoods HK Special Feature. They got together with Shinsuke Takizawa and TET from Neighborhood and WTAPS, to talk about their brands and of course also about the Hong Kong … Read more
Sneakers Aug 3, 2008

Nike Dunk Gyrizo BMX

The much anticipated Nike Dunk Gyrizo BMX has finally been released. First we presented it to you last May, during the presentations by Nike in Beijing. Now with the release, overall 4 colorways have come out, with the white/blue star … Read more
Fashion Apr 29, 2008

Bape x WTAPS T-Shirts

Some new t-shirts in the on-going collaboration of Bape and WTAPS have been released. We enjoy pieces out of this collaboration a lot, mainly also because they are so different from the regular graphics of Bape – less cartoony and … Read more
Fashion Mar 23, 2008

School Of Hard Knock Baseball Shirts

School Of Hard Knock, a collaboration project between TET of WTAPS and Japanese fashion magazine HUGE, just released its latest products, a series of baseball shirts. They are now available at Zozomesse in a white/navy and grey/navy… Read more
Fashion Dec 26, 2007

School Of Hard Knock Coach Jacket by Huge

A while back  Tetsu Nishiyama from W)Taps got together with Huge Magazine on the “School Of hard Knock” topic and they also released a t-shirt together. Now they are about to release more product on the same theme. Next to … Read more
Fashion Nov 22, 2007

Undefeated x Tet – Wish Me Luck Zip Hoodie

After the t-shirt and the longsleeve in the “Wish Me Luck” series designed by Tet of W)Taps for Undefeated, now comes the zip hoodie. The hoodie comes in several colorways in a nice heavy-weight fleece. It will be released November … Read more
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