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Fashion Jan 15, 2013

The Selby Visits Christian Louboutin at Home

Todd Selby is a portrait, interiors, journalist and fashion photographer and illustrator. His project The Selby offers an insider’s view of creative individuals in their personal spaces with an artist’s eye for detail. Check out some… Read more
Fashion Jun 16, 2011

Perks & Mini at Home in Melbourne by The Selby

The Selby’s most recent adventure takes him to the Melbourne, Australia home of Misha Hollenbach and Shauna Toohey (aka Perks & Mini) of fashion label P.A.M. As anyone familiar with the duo would expect, the home is an inspiring cacophony… Read more
Uncategorized Dec 14, 2010

The Selby presents Pharrell Williams

Thanks to The Selby, we get a little glimpse of Pharrell Williams’ art collection tonday. Some contemporary pop art big wigs are represented, including KAWS and Takashi Murakami. Williams lives in Miami. More after the jump. Read more
Other Dec 14, 2010

Pharrell Williams by The Selby

Famed photographer Todd Selby shoots musician Pharrell Williams at his home in Miami. Todd explores Pharrell’s impressive art collection, featuring works by Kaws, Murakami, Keith Haring and others as well as his collection of Louis… Read more
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