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Video Games Jul 24, 2014

The History of Video Game Controllers

Although they’ve only been around in their modern form for several decades, video games have evolved tremendously and gone from niche subculture to mainstream acceptance. Perhaps one of the most telling indicators of this change can be seen… Read more
Video Games Jul 14, 2014

Watch ‘The Sopranos’ Intro Get Recreated in ‘GTA V’

It’s safe to say that mafia boss Tony Soprano’s cigar-filled romp along the Jersey Turnpike that serves as the opening titles for HBO’s The Sopranos is firmly cemented in popular culture lore. In a creative blend of television sensibilities… Read more
Video Games Jun 14, 2014

Watch the E3 Gameplay Trailer for ‘Rainbow Six: Siege’

Ubisoft have unveiled a seven-minute-long multiplayer gameplay trailer for the latest installment of the Rainbow Six series, titled Rainbow Six: Siege. The game sets to continue the series’ hyper realistic counter terrorism narrative, with… Read more
Video Games Jun 12, 2014

Watch the Official E3 Gameplay Trailer for ‘FIFA 15′

FIFA 15, the latest installment in EA’s long-running football series, has been unveiled with an official gameplay trailer at gaming convention E3. Set against a dramatic tribute to The Beautiful Game, the video shows the game providing the… Read more
Video Games Jun 11, 2014

Watch the Official E3 Trailer for ‘Destiny’

Among the many new games revealed at E3 this year is Destiny, a sci-fi FPS set in a series of vast explorable worlds. The trailer sees the protagonist battle his way across vast, futuristic landscapes utilizing an array of high-tech… Read more
Video Games Jun 10, 2014

Sony Unveils PlayStation TV Micro Console

Hot news direct from this year’s E3 conference: Sony are set to launch their popular PlayStation TV unit in Europe. This pocket-sized add-on to the PlayStation 4 essentially allows you to connect the console wirelessly to another TV in… Read more
Video Games Jun 6, 2014

Classic Video Games in the Real World by Victor Sauron

Graphic artist Victor Sauron has created this cool series of illustrations, where iconic scenes from 8-bit video games have been spliced into real-world locations reflecting their original setting. Characters from childhood favorites like… Read more
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