Denim May 30, 2008

Levi’s 505 “Skeleton Hands”

Here we present you a new Japan Exclusive coming from Levi’s. They added skeleton hands to the 505 model on the front pockets in the form of prints. The denim comes in 2 washes and is now available in Japan. … Read more
Denim Feb 22, 2008

Levi’s Fenom Black Woof Denim

Levi’s Fenom has released their latest styles at Tab Device – the Black Woof Denim. It is nice to see some washed styles coming from the line, also not featuring Swarovski stones for once. The Black Woof Denim comes in … Read more
Denim Feb 6, 2008

Levi’s Fenom Black Disco Decolation

Levi’s Fenom has released their two latest pieces – Black Disco Decolation 505 and 207. Both come in black raw selvedge denim with a line of black Swarovski crystals over the left back pocket. Furthermore there is a Swarovski flower … Read more
Denim Dec 24, 2007

Levi’s Fenom 505 Crystal Disco Decoration

The latest pair of Levi’s Fenom denim has dropped in Japan, the 505 Crystal Disco Decoration. The Swarovski crystals have been applied in a floral pattern on the back of the denim. Otherwise you find the usual Levi’s Fenom… Read more
Denim Dec 1, 2007

Levi’s 505 by Jeff Staple Release

We have reported before about the Levi’s Japan x Jeff Staple denim. This week they will finally be released. Details such as the 2-Horse Back Patch in metal, Jeff Staple signature on the inside and the iconic “pigeon crap” and … Read more
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