Books & Magazines Jun 6, 2011

“A Touch of Code” Book

A Touch of Code: Interactive Installations and Experiences collects an international array of interdisciplinary projects that combine data flow with discrete spaces. Think trade shows and urban public spaces, the places where architecture… Read more
Architecture Jun 1, 2011

“Reveal: Studio Gang Architects” Book

Jeanne Gang’s Reveal: Studio Gang Architects provides a complete look at her namesake firms practice. For all intents and purposes a monograph, the book details every minute step (from drawings to research) behind the buildings that have… Read more
Books & Magazines May 14, 2011

London Tattoos

Forthcoming from Prestel, London Tattoos is the latest project from award winning photographer Alex MacNaughton. His aim is to show how tattoos reflect the character and lifestyle of the wearer. He’s currently shooting subjects, so if… Read more
Books & Magazines May 3, 2011

“American Studies” by Jim Dow

Jim Dow’s American Studies presents a vision of America at once familiar and foreign; a country constantly reinventing itself visually, both discarding and preserving elements of its past, in a relentless, unplanned process of change. In… Read more
Books & Magazines May 3, 2011

The Art of Dzine

The Beautiful Struggle is the first comprehensive collection of the full spectrum of Dzine’s work in the areas of sculpture, painting, and installation in an unique vision of American contemporary art mixing ghetto, baroque, bling, and… Read more
Books & Magazines Apr 25, 2011

“Letter Fountain” Book

Forthcoming from Taschen, “Letter Fountain” presents an anatomy of type from Gutenburg to the present. Author Jeop Pohlen, a graphic designer, dissects over 150 type fonts throughout the book’s 640 pages, and provides a full appendix… Read more
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