Design Dec 28, 2009

Metaconcrete ‘Signature’ Shelf

Not quite as ambitious as the full installation shelving featured recently, but of equal individual character, Metaconcrete’s “Signature” shelf balances sweeping curves and flat surfaces in a single dramatic piece of furniture. The… Read more
Design Jul 27, 2009

Pete Oyler’s Stretch Shelf

Students always seem to have a ton of fun at Rhode Island School of Design. Recent RISD graduate Pete Oyler has devised an inventive shelving system based on giant rubber bands. Using aluminum posts and cast rubber, the shelves take … Read more
Furniture May 28, 2009

Comic Shelf

The term “conversation piece” often refers to the masterpiece, or the highly collectible. Designer Oscar Nunez takes a more direct approach. His “Comic Shelf” playfully interprets the bookshelf as text bubble. The reference works… Read more
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