Fashion Aug 14, 2014

The Military Influence on Fashion

The military of the world have had an unmistakable impact on fashion. Whether it be the varied terrain, weather encountered, or nature of living in one’s uniform, over the last several hundreds of years these factions have become… Read more
Accessories Mar 16, 2013

Cartier Apollo 11 Gold Replica

Astronauts Michael Collins, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin traveled to Paris where they were presented with a trio of solid gold Lunar Excursion Module replicas created by iconic Parisian jeweler Cartier. While two of the three replicas… Read more
Watches Jul 11, 2012

Cartier ID Two Concept Watch

Cartier introduces the ID Two Concept Watch, a mechanical wristwatch that features a transparent monobloc ceramic case, fiberglass springs and a 32-day power reserve. The watch is a follow up to 2009s Cartier ID One, the world’s first… Read more
Accessories May 2, 2012

Cartier ‘Juste Un Clou’ Collection

Cartier has always produced great watches, also for men, but their jewelry was of course mainly focussed on the women’s market. In some rare occasions the French luxury brand releases unisex collections and the brand new ‘Juste Un… Read more
Art Jan 2, 2012

Cereal Couture by Sip Chat Chow

Sip Chat Chow created a fun series of ‘Cereal Couture’, turning the most normal breakfast food into luxury items. The series includes the Burberry Flakes, Cartier Crunch, Gucci Loops, Chanel Cocos and Louis Vuitton Charms. All in all… Read more
Art Nov 17, 2011

Video: “Painted Love” by AIR for Cartier

;hd=1 Cartier has done their thing when it comes to working with musical talents. The world renowned French jeweler has reached out to some key names in music to interpret and respond musically to the question: “How far … Read more
Other Jun 26, 2008

Nigo Talks Cartier “Love”

Openers has conducted a series of Interviews as part of the Cartier "Love" campaign. Each person interviewed was asked how far they would go for love. The latest person interviewed in the series is Bape’s Nigo. Check it out here. Read more
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