Uncategorized Jan 21, 2010

Contemporary Wooden Chair Carving

Celebrating the grand tradition of Austrian relief carving in furniture design, Kranen/Grille have created a contemporary selection of carved seating furniture of both wood and metal. The primarily urban scenes sit well atop simply devised… Read more
Art Oct 21, 2009

Ben Turnbull “I Don’t Like Mondays”

I Don’t Like Mondays finds British artist Ben Turnbull moving away from the paint brush and exploring the potential of wood carving. Reclaimed wooden school desks are his canvas. On these (well, seven to be exact) he’s carved deadly… Read more
Art Apr 6, 2009

Perception : Reality at Projects Gallery

For April, Projects Gallery presents three distinct solo shows grouped under the theme Perception : Reality. From Canada, Ross Bonfanti forms creatures by filling found stuffed animals with concrete. Lauren Lyons is a local Philadelphia… Read more
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