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Fashion Mar 24, 2013

Human Made x Coca-Cola Capsule Collection

Taking inspiration from vintage Coca-Cola vendor wear, Japanese designer Nigo has unveiled a new line of menswear that reinterprets iconic work wear from the 20th century. Nigo is launching the collection with Japan’s most iconic boutique… Read more
Design Mar 13, 2013

Check out the New Diet Coke x Marc Jacobs Bottles

We showed you the cans and today we can present the new Diet Coke bottles designed by its new creative director, fashion designer Marc Jacobs. Three designs of the bottles are being presented under the theme “J’aime les années 90″… Read more
Fashion Feb 14, 2013

Check out the New Diet Coke x Marc Jacobs Cans

Last week we reported about the new collaboration between Coca-Cola and fashion designer Marc Jacobs for its Diet Coke brand. The designer was officially named creative director for the brand for 2013. Today the first Marc Jacobs designed… Read more
TV Jan 26, 2013

Watch Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl 2013 Ad ‘Coke Chase’

Today Coca-Cola unveiled a teaser spot it calls “Mirage.” The “Coke Chase” ad features three factions: badlanders, cowboys and showgirls, who race through the desert in pursuit of a bottle of Coke. The commercial was created by Wieden &… Read more
Design Aug 4, 2012

Coca-Cola ‘Space Invaders’ Concept Cans

Graphic designer Erin McGuire designed these really dope conceptual Coca-Cola cans for a school project. Inspired by the classic Space Invaders video game, the branding on the cans for Coke Zero, Diet Coke and Coca-Cola Classic get a new… Read more
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