Uncategorized Jun 29, 2011

Video | Blu “Megunica” Documentary

Arrested Motion shares this fantastic find – “Wow. We sat down to scan through the Megunica documentary real quick but ended up watching the whole thing. The film first made rounds in 2009 or so and has won multiple awards … Read more
Art Jan 27, 2011

Video | Street Artist Ben Eine Documentary

About the film, from filmaker Abbie Brandon - The doc was filmed over a weekend (plus a Friday night before and some neatening up on the Monday). Ben was painting 2 walls – one being PRO PRO PRO on Ebor … Read more
Art Aug 2, 2010

Video | The Vinyl Frontier

I don’t know much about the vinyl toy universe. Thankfully, The Vinyl Frontier is on the way. The film documents and explores the phenomenon of vinyl toy collecting. Appearances by Ron English, Frank Kozik, and help to fill out the … Read more
Design Jun 14, 2010

Video | The Genius Of Design – Episode 1

My brothers at Highsnobiety remind of the The Genius of Design. The BBC 2 documentary series explores the history of design, and is now available for purchase on DVD. The first episode, as apparent in the title of this … Read more
Art Apr 30, 2010

Video | Cildo Meireles

This documentary (Gerald Fox, UK 2008, 50 min) by award-winning director Gerald Fox, presents an intimate portrait of the artist’s life and work, a story largely told by the artist himself. 16.03.2010 A pioneer of installation art in the… Read more
Boots Apr 1, 2010

Palladium Presents: London Pirate Radio

Boot brand Palladium’s latest expedition takes them to the rooftops London’s inner city, where they explore Pirate Radio. “Born in the 1960’s, the original pirates found an offshore base of operations in rusting anti-aircraft towers… Read more
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