Video Games Jun 4, 2012

Nike+ Kinect Training for XBOX 360

Nike keeps pushing hard into digital sports and it is rather impressive what we are seeing from the sportswear giant these recent months. It might be the first brand to take this brand serious enough. Today they are unveiling the … Read more
Sneakers May 19, 2008

Nike Aerofit Fall ’08 Collection

For those of you that think that Fall wants to jump on the bandwagon of the Reebok Freestyle success in recent months, you are mistaken. The Aerofit is an old model by Nike, first released in 1987. The Freestyle was … Read more
Sneakers Aug 13, 2007

Fila Rialto & Fitness Vintage

Fila will be releasing in Japan two vintage sneakers. The Rialto Lo, that has been popular in the 80′s and 90′s will come back in three colorways – white, brown and red. The colors are mostly faded and the white … Read more
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