Sneakers Apr 1, 2008

Adidas “Grün” Forum

With the Adidas “Grün” collection, the brand attempts to be more conscious about the environment and to only use organic and environment friendly materials. The first shoe to drop in the series is the Forum. The wooden button is a … Read more
Sneakers Mar 20, 2008

Adidas Forum 25th Anniversary Series

Next month Adidas will start celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Forum. We have already presented you the silver Forum and the multicolor Forum, here now a few more thanks to Complex. Adidas got together with 4 stores that have … Read more
Sneakers Mar 13, 2008

Adidas Forum 25th Anniversary Edition

It’s the Silver Anniversary of the basketball shoe that revolutionized the game, with the crossover lock-down ankle straps, responsive mid-sole with heel stabilizer, and Dillinger Webbing in the mid-sole to provide the maximum protection… Read more
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