Sneakers Sep 14, 2012

retaW Fragrance Sneaker Spray

Japanese premium fragrance brand retaW presents its latest product – the Katagu Fragrance Sneaker Spray. We all know the problem, especially in the summer months and therefore a nice alternative to the pharmacy sprays out there is very… Read more
Accessories Aug 6, 2012

retaW Fragrance Car Tag

Japanese fragrance brand retaW presents their new Fragrance Car Tag. After the room tag, they make the move into the car and it was about time. Finding a decent car fragrance is close to impossible, mostly also because all decent … Read more
Accessories Nov 2, 2011

retaW Fragrance Room Tag

Japanese scents company retaW comes out with an interesting useful new product – the Fragrance Room Tag. In its first release it comes in three scents – Allen, Blind and Natural Mystic. Hang them up on your door handles or … Read more
Accessories Sep 29, 2011

A New Perfume by Comme des Garcons

Comme des Garcons is about to release its latest fragrance and what we know so far about it, is already very impressive. The box of the fragrance, is made of one piece of carton paper, folded in origami style into … Read more
Accessories Oct 29, 2010

Six Scents Parfums – Series Three

Our brothers at Selectism pick up on the third fragrance series from Six Scents. “Six Scents: Series Three is an exploration into the nature of childhood memories and the influence of adolescence on identity. It features unisex fragrances… Read more
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