Accessories Aug 1, 2014

G-Shock “Crazy Gold” Series

For Fall 2014, G-Shock is back with something a little bolder and shinier. The Japanese watch brand presents its “Crazy Gold” series. The series includes classics such as the DW-6900 and the GA-100 presented in metallic gold and… Read more
Accessories Jul 7, 2014

G-Shock GD-X6900 “Tricolor” Series

Casio unveil a new set of colors for their G-Shock line of watches for Summer 2014. Popular amongst streetwear heads thanks to their tough, chunky exteriors, the timepieces are seen here in a series of bright, bold colorways. Boasting a … Read more
Accessories May 12, 2014

F.C.R.B. x G-Shock DW-5600

Japanese brand F.C.R.B. aka F.C.Real Bristol has teamed up with G-Shock on its classic DW-5600 model. The iconic digital watch comes as part of this collaboration with a black camouflage pattern on the dial and the brand’s logo as the … Read more
Accessories Apr 22, 2014

Stussy x G-Shock DW-5600 “Checker”

Not new to each other, Stussy has worked many times already with Casio’s G-Shock brand. For Summer 2014 the California brand once again remixed the iconic DW-5600 watch. The watch comes in the classic black colorway with a black/white… Read more
Accessories Feb 26, 2014

G-Shock GD-120CM-8JR “Camouflage” Series

G-Shock adds another model to their Spring 2014 “Camouflage” Series with the GD-120CM-8JR. Coming in three colorways overall, the timepiece features a woodland camo pattern on each part of the model, including the band and dial. One of… Read more
Accessories Feb 1, 2014

G-Shock GD-X6900 Camouflage Series

Two exciting new watches have released as part of the G-Shock Japan Spring 2014 collection. The rather new large-scale version of its flagship 6900 model will release February 2014 in two camouflage all-over print versions. The GD-X6900… Read more
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