Gadgets Aug 19, 2012

GameKlip – Real Controller – Real Games

Using a smartphone as an alternative to game consoles is common these days, but using the touch display for gaming is mostly very imprecise. Developers realised the demand and came up with the possibility of gaming on the smartphone by … Read more
Gadgets Jul 25, 2011

XBOX 360 Star Wars Edition

In time for Christmas 2011, Microsoft introduces the XBOX 360 Kinect Star Wars Edition. The console and controller have been styled after the two iconic R2-D2 and C-3PO robots. The console comes with the Kinect system, Kinect Star Wars game… Read more
Art Mar 1, 2011

MVC3 Fight Card by Kyle Kargov

Here’s one for Marvel vs. Capcom fans. Inspired by both game and 1950s fight cards, Kyle Kargov has create a print that announces an “ultimate showdown.” The fate of two worlds. No holds barred. Ultimate showdown: Iron-Man vs Akuma… Read more
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