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Art Nov 16, 2011

Preview | Fafi: The Carmine Vault

Rizoli New York is set to publish a graphic novel by Paris street artist Fafi. Titled “The Carmine Vault”, it is sure to please the fans and convert the uninitiated. Hitting the shelves in April of 2012. Centered around a … Read more
Uncategorized Aug 30, 2011

James Jarvis’ New Graphic Novel, “De Profundis”

Juxtapoz reports that UK-based illustrator James Jarvis “is set to release his first graphic novel in five years, De Profundis, with Brooklyn publisher, PictureBox. The graphic novel follows a beaked artist who travels through a… Read more
Art Mar 26, 2009

Barnaby Ward

Barnaby Ward is a graphic novelist from Barbados. He has produced three prints for Pictures on Walls, made with a metallic and pearlescent printers ink. The names are “Myrtle & Gurtle,” “Igor,” and “Bosley” respectively. All… Read more
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