hello kitty

Art Oct 16, 2012

“Hello Kitty, Hello Art!” Exhibition Recap

The world’s most beloved kitty cat, Hello Kitty, and her Sanrio pals were the subject of an exhibition that went down this past weekend at Los Angeles’ Known Gallery. We stopped by the VIP opening for a bit to snap … Read more
Art Jul 18, 2012

Mike Frederiqo Turns Cartoons into SpongeBob

Dutch artist Mike Frederiqo has been busy these last months. We presented his first SpongeBob drawings a while back, turning various celebrities (Pharrell Williams, Terry Richardson, Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs, Kanye and Jay-Z and others)… Read more
Art Jan 19, 2012

Pop Culture Hello Kitty Series by Joseph Senior

Illustrator Joseph Senior presents his new Pop Culture Hello Kitty Series, shining a different light onto the iconic Japanese cartoon character. Say hi to Hello Darth Vader, Hello Daft Punk, Hello Dark Knight, Hello Gaga, Hello Garfield… Read more
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