Clothing May 27, 2014

Why is Fur Hip Hop but Not Streetwear?

On the big list of bad topics around the fashion dinner party table, nothing gets food flying like dropping the F-bomb (that’s “fur,” not the other one). For some, fur is the epitome of elegance: luxurious, timeless and remarkably… Read more
Music May 5, 2014

The Largest Vocabulary in Hip-Hop

In one of the more ambitious and enlightening projects in recent memory, designer, coder, and data scientist Matt Daniels decided to focus on the vocabulary of hip-hop artists using their first 35,000 words used on record as a means of … Read more
Music May 14, 2013

Brooklyn, the Remix: A Hip-Hop Tour

Gentrification in Brooklyn is at the heart of The New York Times’ piece entitled “Brooklyn, the Remix: A Hip-Hop Tour.” The multimedia editorial explores various cultural aspects of the borough made famous by famous emcees including… Read more
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