Accessories Mar 5, 2012

Ksubi “Ad Astra Per Aspera” Eyewear

Ksubi‘s eyewear collection entitled “Ad Astra Per Aspera” offers their interpretation of extra terrestrial obsession. The fear driven fanatics model the eyewear bearing large tinfoil hats, antennas and various other earthly defence… Read more
Accessories Jun 9, 2011

Ksubi Eyewear Collection Summer 2011

Australian brand Ksubi presents their new Summer 2011 Eyewear Collection. Offering a range of silhouettes, most of them take inspiration from classics. Nevertheless Ksubi manages to add details to every single one of them, making them stand… Read more
Denim May 5, 2011

Video: Ksubi Kolors Denim Campaign

Australian fashion label ksubi, celebrate the return of their coloured denim range, with a short film directed by Daniel Askill starring models Bambi Northwood-Blythe, Cisco Gorrow and Heidi Harrington-Johnson. Using a Phantom camera… Read more
Fashion Oct 20, 2010

Video: Ksubi unveils “The Ghost Shoppe”

Ksubi is coming back and just announced the opening of their first new flagship store in Australia. For the occasion the brand as usual finds a very unique way of communication. Check out the video for “The Ghost Shoppe” here … Read more
Accessories Aug 29, 2010

ksubi “eye eye” Eyewear for Spring 2011

Australian brand ksubi, best known for their denim, presents yet another strong eyewear collection for Spring 2011. “ksubi 2011 all seeing eyewear range “eye, eye” sees mercenary heavy metal mesh, deserted island floral acetate and… Read more
Accessories Apr 16, 2010

Ksubi Spring/Summer 2010 Sunglasses

Next to denim, Australian label Ksubi is also known for their high end eyewear collection. For Spring/Summer 2010 they present some classic inspired styles, as well as some bizarre out-of-space sunglasses, making sure the range features… Read more
Fashion Mar 23, 2009

Ksubi Spring/Summer 2009 Collection

Ksubi took the market by storm a couple of years ago and still today we can not really compare the Australian brand with anybody else out there. Known for their premium denim and great cut, the brand has in the … Read more
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