Toys Mar 31, 2014

The Blues Brothers Bluesmobile LEGO Kit

Ichiban Toys presents their latest custom creation: The Blues Brothers Bluesmobile LEGO kit. The Bluesmobile features cop tires and suspension as well as four functioning doors and a complete interior which includes an adjustable steering… Read more
Cars Mar 29, 2014

LEGO Martini Porsche Racing Set

Even if it might sometimes feel like a LEGO overload here, we could not hide this beautiful Martini Porsche Racing Set from you, that will hopefully one day make it into production. We are big fans of the real Martini … Read more
Toys Mar 26, 2014

LEGO Unveils 16 Simpsons Minifigs

After taking a look at the official LEGO Simpsons House Set, we present all 16 of the minifigs that will be available before the premier of the special LEGO episode of The Simpsons airing May 4 on FOX. Many Springfield favorites are… Read more
Toys Mar 23, 2014

Famous Fashion Designers Get the LEGO Treatment

Building upon the success of the recently released LEGO movie, the Danish toy company treated four famous fashion designers with a brick makeover. The set of figurines comprises Donatella Versace, Alber Elbaz, Marc Jacobs and Karl… Read more
Music Mar 17, 2014

20 Iconic Bands Recreated in LEGO

Self-proclaimed knowledge, music, LEGO and die-cast car junkie, Adly Syairi Ramly presents a collection of 20 iconic bands that he’s taken the time to recreate with everyone’s favorite building blocks. Including the likes of The Beatles… Read more
Toys Mar 1, 2014

LEGO Becomes World’s Top Toy Maker

LEGO has announced that it has rebuilt itself into the world’s most profitable toy maker, surpassing Barbie’s Mattel. For the ninth year in a row, LEGO recently confirmed another record breaking year of sales and profit growth. LEGO‘s… Read more
Toys Feb 18, 2014

LEGO ‘Ghostbusters’ Ecto-1 Set

In celebration of the franchise’s 30th anniversary, Ghostbusters will be making its official LEGO debut in early June. Fans will finally have the opportunity to build brick versions of the team’s classic Ecto-1 vehicle and play with mini… Read more
Art Feb 7, 2014

LEGO Streetwear Figurines by Simeon Georgiev

Bulgarian 3D artist Simeon Georgiev’s latest project places LEGO figurines in some of his favorite streetwear brands, including Supreme, HBA and Boy London. By combining one of youth’s favorite toys with some of today’s most popular… Read more
Art Jan 18, 2014

Star Wars Recreated with LEGO

Finnish artist Vesa Lehtimäki aka Avanaut has taken two icons of popular culture and fused them together. Taking inspiration from Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back, the artist has recreated scenes of the film using LEGO toys… Read more
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