Art Jan 13, 2014

Iconic Album Covers Pixelated with LEGO

LEGO seems to be making a big comeback, with the recent release of the LEGO The Simpsons House set and The LEGO Movie out next month. Adding to the trend is LEGO Albums, a Tumblr which takes iconic album covers … Read more
Toys Jan 8, 2014

LEGO ‘The Simpsons’ House Set

After confirming a LEGO set based off the long-running television series The Simpsons in August, the Danish toy company has unveiled the first of two parts of the anticipated collaboration. The first is a LEGO set depicting the Simpsons’… Read more
Architecture Dec 9, 2013

LEGO Architecture Marina Bay Sands

LEGO Architecture continues to add to their growing brood of iconic buildings and structures from around the world, with the new addition of the Marina Bay Sands building in Singapore. The structure is a marvel of modern engineering and was… Read more
Art Dec 4, 2013

Classic Masterpieces Pixelated with LEGO

In order to illustrate the concept that all children are artists with LEGO, Italian artist Marco Sodano took three classic paintings and recreated them using digital versions of the iconic Danish building blocks. Although they need no… Read more
Accessories Oct 7, 2013

LEGO Unveils Wristwatch Collection for Adults

Although LEGO watches for children have been around for some time now, a collection geared toward adults has remained conspicuously absent given the brand’s popularity among people of all ages. That’s why we’re happy to hear the Danish toy… Read more
Gadgets Oct 2, 2013

LEGO Calendar Digitally Syncs to Google Calendar

Created by UK-based design studio, vitamins, this cloud-based calendar brings together the need for digital syncing with the want for a physical, tactile organization system. Add to that the fact it’s made from the most iconic building… Read more
Accessories Aug 28, 2013

LEGO x Belkin iPhone 5 Case Now Available

Back in February we announced that Belkin would be teaming up with LEGO on a multi-year licensing partnership to create “innovative and fun accessories” for mobile devices. They’ve now officially announced the release of their ‘builder… Read more
Toys Aug 16, 2013

Too Cool for School: LEGO Nintendo 64 Transformers

Created specifically for the Toy Brick Contest in the summer of 2013, have a look at Baron von Brunk’s latest LEGOformers: Ultra Hexacon and Tetragon, the transforming Nintendo 64 and controller, along with their transforming Game Pak… Read more
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