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Lifestyle Sep 6, 2014

Marshall Headphones “Woburn” Home Speaker

Marshall Headphones’ assault on the home audio market continues unabated, capitalizing on their pedigree as a maker of legendary amplifiers. Their latest effort, following the release of the “Stanmore” last year, is the “Woburn”… Read more
Gadgets Sep 8, 2013

Marshall Headphones Stanmore Speaker

Marshall Headphones adds another model to their home speaker lineup following the success of their popular Hanwell. Featuring a similar throwback design as its predecessor, the Stanmore yields clean sound even at high levels via Bluetooth… Read more
Gadgets Apr 26, 2013

Marshall Monitor Hi-Fi Headphones

Building off of the wildly successful and iconic Marshall brand, Marshall Headphones introduces their latest and most impressive model to date, the Monitor. Featuring custom-made low distortion 40mm drivers, the Monitor is Marshall… Read more
Gadgets May 7, 2012

Marshall Headphones ‘Pitch Black’ Series

Marshall Headphones introduces their new Pitch Black Series. Both the MAJOR and the MINOR models from the collection now come in all black colorways, making them more slick and more subtle at the same time. We certainly like what we … Read more
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