Gadgets Oct 19, 2011

MOTOACTV Fuses Fitness & Music

MOTOACTV is a sophisticated fitness tracker combined with a smart music player, designed for athletes who want to push their limits. The lightweight (1.2oz), stylish Android-powered touchscreen device works with you while you run, bike or… Read more
Gadgets Oct 18, 2011

Motorola Droid RAZR

When the first Motorola RAZR phones came out about 6 years ago the phone maker was suddenly back. It was a huge hit at the time, so why not bring that same flavor now to their series of Android phones. … Read more
Accessories Jun 10, 2011

Motorola Atrix

Motorola will be releasing their new Atrix Android smartphone, the most powerful Android device to enter the market. Not only does the phone itself come with a 28% bigger battery, finger print technology and a qHD screen, a docking station… Read more
Gadgets Jan 15, 2009

Motorola Aura Video

For some time we have been following the development of the new Motorola high end cellphone, entitled Aura. To be honest we did not expect too much, first of all because the screen seems so small and also because we … Read more
Gadgets Dec 18, 2008

Motorola Aura

We still remember the times when every couple of months a new exciting cellphone was hitting the market. That has changed a lot in the last two years. Even though we have more functionality than ever before, it is still … Read more
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