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Lifestyle Jul 9, 2014

Nike Unveils New Football App

Nike have long been a formidable presence in football at a professional level but now the company is launching a new app to consolidate its role in the amateur game as well. The new Nike Football app acts as a … Read more
Footwear Jun 2, 2014

Nike Football Elastico Superfly IC

Nike’s football-centric footwear program continues with the Elastico Superfly IC. Designed for indoor small team games, the boot sees the cleats removed in favor of a low-profile sole for speed and feel, giving the athlete the sensation… Read more
Lifestyle Apr 25, 2014

Nike Showcases 2014 Football Innovations

Nike today unveiled its entire collection of footwear, apparel, and equipment innovation for players and fans, inspired by the upcoming summer of football in Brazil. All home and away kits for the 10 teams that will wear Nike were showcased… Read more
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