Video Games Sep 11, 2014

Nintendo Announces Nostalgic 3DS XL

Nintendo is set to pull a few heartstrings with this nostalgic edition of its 3DS XL portable console. Dressing the unit in the graphics of the classic NES control pad, the Japanese gaming giant is sure to set a few memories racing … Read more
Video Games Jul 24, 2014

The History of Video Game Controllers

Although they’ve only been around in their modern form for several decades, video games have evolved tremendously and gone from niche subculture to mainstream acceptance. Perhaps one of the most telling indicators of this change can be… Read more
Video Games Nov 28, 2012

Nintendo Wii Mini

Fresh off the heels of their Wii U, Nintendo has unveiled the Wii Mini for the Canadian market. The new console is a downgraded version of the Wii but at $99 who can complain? The Wii Mini does away with … Read more
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