Lifestyle Apr 17, 2014

Nocs NS500 Aluminum Earphones

The next-generation Nocs NS500 Aluminum earphones feature a CNC-machined, chamfered-cut, sandblasted aluminum housing. A sandblasted surface gives it superior scratch resistance and a smooth, even surface that enhances the high polish edge… Read more
Gadgets Nov 1, 2013

Nocs NS900 DJ Headphones

Closed, dynamic and with a clean, well-balanced sound, Nocs claims that “no other headphone is better optimized for club environments.” The Nocs NS900 DJ headphones combine durable, replaceable parts with unparalleled engineering… Read more
Gadgets Mar 25, 2013

Win 2 Sets of Nocs NS2 Airplay Monitors

To celebrate the release of their latest speakers, Sweden-based Nocs is giving away 2 sets of their NS2 Airplay Monitors to 1 lucky winner. The NS2 Airplay Monitors are a set of active speakers that use AirPlay technology to wirelessly … Read more
Gadgets Feb 26, 2013

Nocs NS2 Air Monitor

Sweden’s Nocs has released some slick new NS2 Air Monitors that will provide some boomin’ sound for your Apple products. Capable of working wirelessly with a Macbook, iPhone, iPad and iPod, these are said to really deliver in terms of… Read more
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