Photography Oct 30, 2012

Photos in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy

In what looks like stills from an apocalyptic film, Hurricane Sandy has shut down entire cities effectively turning them into ghost towns. Take a look above for some pictures that capture the awesome, unrivaled power of Mother Nature. We… Read more
Art Nov 8, 2011

Video | 5BORO Holiday Reel

Filmed by Chris Mulhern, New York City based skateboard company 5BORO recently released their 2011 holiday clip. Things have come a long way, in terms of skateboarding short films. The video includes beautiful buttery footage from around… Read more
Art Oct 27, 2011

Recap | Chloe Early at Joshua Liner Gallery

Last Thursday, Chloe Early opened her exhibit “Feathers and Wax” at the Joshua Liner Gallery. Working in oils on linen and aluminum panel, Chloe Early has developed a unique style that is simultaneously lush and raw. The romantic and… Read more
Art Oct 27, 2011

New Faile Mural on Houston and Bowery

In place of the JR mural that went up in June of this year, Faile has now taken over the notorious space on Houston Street, next to Billy’s antiques. The Brooklyn based troupe, Faile, is the latest of a long … Read more
Art Aug 14, 2011

Recap | Olek at Jonathan Levine Gallery, NYC

On the heels of her private installation at Primary Wave, Olek opened a solo show at the Jonathan Levine Gallery last Thursday entitled “The Bad Artists Imitate, The Great Artists Steal.” The exhibition includes Olek’s interpretation… Read more
Art Apr 14, 2011

New Kings Avenue Tattoo Shop on Bowery

Considering that the Bowery is essentially the cradle of NYC tattooing – consider that legends Samuel O’Reilly and Charlie Wagner occupied 11 Chatham Square for near on 70 years – it is a great delight to see top quality tattooing … Read more
Fashion Mar 17, 2010

Stussy New York World Tour T-Shirt

In the next leg of Stussy’s on-going 30th Anniversary “XXX” celebration we move to NYC. The Stussy New York World Tour Tee pays tribute to both the 5 boroughs (on the front) as well as some more specific cultural hotbeds … Read more
Fashion Sep 18, 2008

Detergent NYC Fall 2008

New brand Detergent comes out of NYC with a nod to London. References to British things (like sausages and the monarchy) find a place against tees with clear pop art appeal. The graphics are sharp, and have the requisite wit.  … Read more
Accessories Sep 11, 2008

Y-3 x Sigg Bottle

During fashion week, Y-3 hosted a party in their New York flagship store. For the occasion these new Sigg aluminum bottles were given out, featuring comic interpretations of designer Yohji Yamamoto.Guest who attended the event, got one… Read more
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