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Bikes Jul 2, 2014

Paul Smith Mercian Fixed Gear Bike

English designer Paul Smith has turned his hand to sports, with this fixed gear road bike made in collaboration with bespoke cycling workshop Mercian. Handcrafted from matte black steel with a Fizik saddle and Continental tires, the… Read more
Footwear Jun 17, 2014

Buyer’s Guide: 15 Sandals for Summer

While summer is the best time to bring out a full arsenal of footwear, seriously hot weather demands something a little more appropriate for the season. Sandals make for ideal hot weather footwear – from pool sliders to gripped heavy-duty… Read more
Football Jun 8, 2014

Paul Smith Limited Edition Football

In the run up to World Cup season, most brands find one way or another to cash in on the looming event, yet few manage to actually get it right. Fortunately, this stylish new video from Paul Smith is one … Read more
Fashion Jun 4, 2014

Buyer’s Guide: 20 World Cup Alternatives

When the FIFA World Cup rolls around every four years, bloggers worldwide must brace themselves for the inevitable avalanche of poorly conceived novelty products that are destined to a six-week-long shelf life. The market is so flooded with… Read more
Lists Feb 10, 2014

Buyer’s Guide: A Selection of 20 Brimmed Hats

The stream of street style snaps flooding in from New York Fashion Week got us thinking about the range of headwear available. Beanies and caps are the usual go-to head accessories for the majority of us, when in actual fact … Read more
Clothing Jan 20, 2014

Paul Smith Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

English fashion designer Paul Smith presented his upcoming Fall/Winter 2014 collection in Paris to the tunes of The Doors. As we’ve seen from plenty of other designers this season, a more relaxed silhouette has been used throughout, while… Read more
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