paz de la huerta

Girls Jun 25, 2012

Paz De La Huerta at Home by Terry Richardson

Not new to each other, star photographer Terry Richardson visits Paz De La Huerta at home. A model and a photographer in one apartment, obviously the two had to do an impromptu photo session. The outcome you can see here in … Read more
Girls Mar 15, 2012

Paz de la Huerta by Terry Richardson

Every week we tell ourselves that we will not post anything Terry Richardson related, but the guy makes it really hard for us. Today he presents a new impromptu shoot that he did with actress and model Paz de la … Read more
Other Oct 14, 2011

Paz de la Huerta in FLAUNT Magazine

Our brothers from Selectism report about a new photo shoot of the one and only Paz de la Huerto in Flaunt Magazine. Beautiful images of Ms. Huerta and a good start into the weekend. Check out the rest of the … Read more
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