Accessories Feb 16, 2010

The Puma Phone

[flv][/flv] We have already seen quite some fashion brands enter the cellphone market. Sports brand Puma is the latest one. In roughly 46 days their new Puma Phone will be launched. The phone… Read more
Gadgets Aug 20, 2008

Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte

Nokia has come out in Europe with a new version of their high end 8800 series. This is probably the nicest version to date that we have seen of the phone. The Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte, comes as the name … Read more
Gadgets Aug 4, 2008

The Bic Phone By Orange

Sometimes the easiest and simplest ideas are the best. Orange France now teamed up with Bic, best known for their lighters and pens, to create the first "Ready-to-Call" cellphone. And for the first time the name actually makes sense and … Read more
Gadgets Feb 15, 2008

Chanel Cellphone

Since a couple of years now we see high end fashion houses dipping into the cellphone market. Most recently Prada and Giorgio Armani made their moves, offering phones. But, let’s face it, to date we have seen nothing groundbreaking and… Read more
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