Art Sep 27, 2011

Alexandre Nicolas | Superhero Fetus Sculptures

Alexandre Nicolas, a french sculptor, created a series of superhero fetuses based on her personal favorite comic book characters. In addition to the superheros, Nicolas created one “accident” fetus of Adolf Hitler, complete with… Read more
Art Sep 23, 2011

Laundry Arcade by Lee Wei Chen

Finally, a reason to look forward to laundry day, instead of dreading it. Lee Wei Chen has created a laundry arcade game that completes the wash/dry cycle according to the gamer’s ability to clear levels. More looks after the jump. Read more
Art Jul 26, 2011

Judith Klausner’s Oreo Cameo Portraits

Food artist Judith Klausner has found effective use for the oreo cookie. With the the filling, the artist manages highly detailed cameo portraits – the cookie forming a more than appropriate frame – as part of a larger series titled … Read more
Uncategorized Jul 20, 2011

Jason Kay’s Rubik’s Cube for Boulder, Colorado

Jason Kay’s latest public art commission pays homage to Hungarian Erno Rubik and his 3-D puzzle Rubik’s Cube, which was invented in 1974. Over 350 million cubes have been sold world wide, the design a tree pop culture phenomenon… Read more
Uncategorized Jul 18, 2011

Tomohiro Inaba’s Steel Wire Sculpture

Appearing to disintegrate as they rise, Tomohiro Inaba’s sculptures begin with anatomically correct subject matter. The skulls are most impressing, employing steel wire to stunning effect and highlighting the power of material. Check… Read more
Art Jul 13, 2011

Izumi Kato “The View from Afar”

Izumi Kato attempts to reappraise human existence by placing humans in the middle of natural scenes. His work follows a belief that the souls and physical bodies of modern man reveals a primitive scenery within, and is continually working… Read more
Uncategorized Jul 13, 2011

Mike Leavitt’s Wooden NES

Mike Leavitt makes tremendous cardboard and wood sculptures of popular culture objects. For example, his wooden NES system. A 1 of 1, it is made of fir, mahogany, acrylic paint, cotton string. The controller even plugs in and out. Available… Read more
Uncategorized Jul 11, 2011

Sculpture by Bill Durgin

Bill Durgin is a graduate of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston with an MFA from the California College of Art in San Francisco. More sculpture after the jump. Read more
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