Accessories Jul 18, 2014

Seiko Chronograph Watch

Japanese watchmaker Seiko has re-released its popular Chronograph Watch – a model that frequently sells out in boutiques around the world. Available in two colors, olive green and black, the high-performance timepiece features four… Read more
Watches Sep 11, 2012

Star Wars x Seiko Japan Watch Collection

Seiko has partnered with Lucasfilm on a Star Wars watch collection. Due to hit stores in Japan this October the series includes signature timepieces for each of Darth Vader, Darth Maul, C-3P0, R2-D2 and Yoda as well as a Stormtrooper… Read more
Accessories Feb 15, 2012

nonnative x Seiko Chronograph Watch

A nice military inspired watch is coming out of a new collaboration between Japanese brands nonnative and Seiko. Featuring a Japanese Chronograph movement, the watch comes with a metal case, nice vintage looking dial and two Nato straps in… Read more
Accessories Oct 10, 2011

WIRED featuring Beams Watch Collection

Seiko’s WIRED brand of readio-controlled watches, teamed up with retailer Beams. The outcome is a range of classic looking chronograph watches with some nice functionality, while keeping an overall heritage look. Each watch comes with two… Read more
Accessories Nov 23, 2009

Undercoverism x Wired h Watch

We have seen collaborations with Wired h by Sophnet, visvim, honeyee and other stand out Japanese brands. Undercoverism now joins in as well and also worked on a Wired h watch. They added a pattern on the bezel of the … Read more
Accessories May 23, 2009

agnes B. x Seiko Watch

An exciting collaboration comes from French high fashion house agnes B. and Seiko. Together they worked on a black watch. It looks like they also used some ceramic on the strap. Otherwise some details on the dial are red and … Read more
Accessories May 13, 2009

Crooks & Castles x Wired h Watch

We have to admit, we did not see this one coming. After Sophnet and Visvim, here comes the Wired h collaboration with Crooks & Castles. The iconic chain graphic of the LA brand appears in red and green around the … Read more
Gadgets Oct 18, 2007

Wired h 2nd Model

Last year the collaboration line of Honeyee and Seiko, Wired h, was introduced, not only sporting nice design but also some nice technological features such as solar power and radio control of the watches. Today Honeyee introduces the… Read more
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