Fashion May 22, 2011

DQM Releases Summer Series Tees

DQM’s summer 2011 T-shirts have arrived bringing the seasonal heat. The collection features five classic, solid colored tees, each sporting fresh graphics and a clean look – the “Bomber” series and the remaining embossed with the… Read more
Skateboarding Feb 26, 2008

DC Skateboarding TV

DC Shoes has launched a new website, which documents skateboarding around the world on video. Make sure to check it out! Read more
Fashion Dec 17, 2007

242 Hubble Series by Plus41

Swiss designers Plus41 once again present a new range they have created for skate stores 242 – the Hubble Series. The series consists of two t-shirts and two decks. Each skater is a star in the 242 Chamber. The skaters … Read more
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