Lifestyle Apr 2, 2014

Spotify Updates Interface Across All Platforms

With its user numbers increasing and rival services popping up all over the place like molehills in spring, Spotify has made a move to modernize with a full interface redesign across both its desktop and mobile platforms. Switching to a … Read more
Tech Jan 13, 2014

Has Spotify Cured Music Piracy?

“To have and to hold” is a line a couple utters to one another moments before someone of their choosing unites them in holy matrimony. It’s a time honored tradition for love birds. Years ago, this was a phrase that … Read more
Tech Sep 3, 2013

Spotify Connect: The New Way to Play Music at Home

Introducing Spotify Connect, the seamless way to fill your home with music. You walk through the door, listening to a great playlist on your phone; with Connect, just hit play on your living room speakers and the music instantly fires … Read more
Music Aug 27, 2013

Daft Punk Share Spotify Playlist

French duo Daft Punk have decided to share with us their 20-song Spotify playlist. Listened to between the release of Human After All and Random Access Memories, the playlist includes work from The Strokes, Panda Bear, N.E.R.D. and Chic, as… Read more
TV May 15, 2013

A Playlist About Nothing: The Songs of Seinfeld

Yesterday marked the 15th anniversary of Seinfeld officially signing off the air. Known as comedic, yet all-too realistic portrayal of the human condition, Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld’s creation would prove that “a show about… Read more
Music May 2, 2012

Spotify Releases iPad App

Today the much anticipated iPad App of popular music service Spotify has been released. They produced a fun video, giving you a tour of the new iPad App. Watch it here below. You can get the app in the iTunes … Read more
Tech Mar 22, 2012

Spotify launches Music Apps with DefJam & Others

Spotify has without any doubt become one of the strongest platforms in music today, offering a comprehensive music streaming service that works, is easy to use and offers a pretty complete catalogue. Recently they have been taking it to the… Read more
Design Feb 24, 2011

Spotify Player

Jordi Parra, an interactive design student, has produced a concept “Spotify Player.” Based on a traditional transistor radio, Parra’s minimalist design connects via RFID chip the users Spotify playlists. (via Fubiz). Read more
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