spray paint

Art Jun 30, 2009

MWM: Parrallel Universe

For Parallel Universe, Matt W. Moore traveled to San Paulo a month in advance of opening at POP GALLERY to prepare material and paintings. He arrived with nothing, determined to absorb Brazilian culture and see where it took his art. … Read more
Art Mar 18, 2009

David Choe at PYO

On April 4, 2009, David Choe opens a double set of solo shows in Beijing. He’s been working on material for the shows in China at PYO Gallery. The collected work is titled “Death Blossom.” (via Arrested Motion). Check out … Read more
Art Mar 10, 2009

Walrus TV Profiles David Choe

In part one of his profile by Walrus TV (from UpperPlayground) David Choe discusses his introduction to and the lessons he’s learned from using spray paint. A quality introduction to one artists use of a specific material. Read more
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