Fashion Jul 8, 2008

Worldwide “Amy is the New Sid”

Worldwide will debut its "Amy is the New Sid" t-shirt early August. We’ve got a little preview. Amy Winehouse mixes with Sex Pistol Sid Vicious. She sure plays with dangerous stuff, but is perhaps not the musical equivalent. Regardless… Read more
Fashion May 10, 2008

Undefeated “Worldwide” T-Shirts

Eddie Cruz shows us the latest offering from Undefeated to come soon – the "Undefeated Worldwide" t-shirts. The tee comes in black and white and should be available soon.  Also make sure to check out the new Undefeated Radio sessions! Read more
Toys Feb 1, 2008

Bearbrick Wordwide Tour Set

For those of you that did not manage so far to get the Worldwide Tour Bearbrick Set, you can now head over to Slam Jam. They have it in stock now, it goes for 55 Euros and consists of five … Read more
Fashion Jan 17, 2008

Worldwide x Digital Gravel T-Shirt

A collaborative effort by Worldwide and Digital Gravel. When Ivan Jimenez and Nima Navabi met in 2006 they knew something made them similar: Similar tastes and similar effort to build and hustle to run things. 2 years later, both want … Read more
Fashion Sep 21, 2007

Stussy x Undefeated Worldwide T-Shirt

Once again Stussy and Undefeated join forces on a t-shirt collaboration. This time they will released the Stussy x Undeafeated Worldwide T-shirt in two colorways – white and black. Overall simple and on point. It will be released this… Read more
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