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River House by MCK Architects

The site of the River House by Sydney’s MCK Architects is both steep and awkwardly shaped, but retains magnificent North facing panoramic views over the Lane Cove River. The air-space was therefore utilized to gain additional footprint… Read more
Art & Design Jul 28, 2014

Rocas House by Studio MK27 & Renata Furlanetto

Designed in collaboration between Studio MK27 and Renata Furlanetto, Rocas House sits overlooking the ocean in El Pangue, Zapallar in Chile. Built on stilts on an uneven cliff top, the house sits flat and elevated with two tray-like levels… Read more
Art & Design Jul 28, 2014

Take a Look at the MSGM Headquarters in Milan

Taking an abandoned early 20th century blacksmith’s workshop, Italian brand MSGM have created a new head office space. Architect Fabio Ferrillo and MSGM creative director Massimo Giorgetti worked together to create the contemporary space… Read more
Art & Design Jul 25, 2014

Medicom Toy BE@RBRICK x Karimou Brick-Style Tiles Figure

The latest installment in Japanese toy manufacturer Medicom’s collectable BE@RBRICK range has arrived – a collaboration with artisan furniture makers Karimoku. The new model is a 400% edition, meaning it stands at 28 centimeters high and… Read more
Art & Design Jul 24, 2014

Watch Iconic Modernist Houses Get Animated

Illustrator Matteo Muci has taken marvels of modern architecture and drawn them down to their simplest forms, emphasizing each house’s iconic design. The video goes one step further and animates the illustrations to show an artist’s view of… Read more
Art & Design Jul 24, 2014

Nova Lima House by S+A Brazil

Brazil has seen some pretty major construction projects recently but the Nova Lima House by architects S+A Brazil could give a lot of them a run for their money. Not so much a house as a small private hotel, this … Read more
Art & Design Jul 23, 2014

Designers Create Simpsons-Themed “Mystery Wine”

Some 26 years ago, two curious designers decided to embark on a unique conceptual beverage project. Inspired by both the world’s most famous yellow family and the art of modernist painter Pieter Mondrain, they created two remarkable bottle… Read more
Art & Design Jul 23, 2014

Beats by Dre Unveil Their New Headquarters

Fresh off the back of their bank-busting acquisition by Apple and recent star-studded FIFA World Cup movie, Beats by Dre have completed work on their brand new headquarters in Culver City, California. Haters of the tech giant’s austere… Read more
Art & Design Jul 23, 2014

“Disembodied” Art Exhibition by Revolucionario

To assemble the “Disembodied” art exhibition, designer Ricky Sosa worked very closely with the Wixáritari community (one of Mexico’s most revered indigenous groups) to handcraft the some of most unique and inspiring patterns. The pieces… Read more
Art & Design Jul 22, 2014

House M by Estudio Aire

House M by Estudio Aire is situated in the sparsely populated landscape of Rosario, the Santa Fe province in Argentina. The looming concrete structure strikes a formidable shape across the landscape, while simultaneously providing a… Read more
Art & Design Jul 21, 2014

5 African Artists to Watch in 2014

Over the past year, global interest in art being made by African artists on the continent and in the diaspora has increased dramatically. African art historically dates thousands of years, back to the preoccupation with traditional craft… Read more
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