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Art & Design Jul 18, 2014

Take a Look Inside Tuscany’s Villa Lena

Villa Lena sits in the Tuscan hills on over 500 hectares of woodland and is a unique destination, encompassing both a hotel and artist residency space. The Villa itself sits in the center and was built in the 18th century … Read more
Art & Design Jul 17, 2014

Brazilian Street Art in Light of the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Image: AP Rounding out our World Cup Month, we take a look at the tournament’s effects on the country and its flourishing street art scene. While graffiti and most other forms of street art carve out a politically neglected and legally… Read more
Art & Design Jul 17, 2014

Russet Residence by Splyce Design

The Russet Residence by Splyce Design is located in West Vancouver on a steep site with mature cedar and Douglas fir to the west and an ocean view to the south. The house responds to these conditions by nestling itself into … Read more
Art & Design Jul 16, 2014

DIY Concept Kit Bike by Lucid Design Fits In One Bag

Imagine a bike you could dismantle in minutes using one simple tool, which then fit entirely into a backpack not much bigger than one of the wheels. That’s the latest idea to emerge from Indian creative agency Lucid Designs, who’ve … Read more
Art & Design Jul 15, 2014

House of the Infinite by Alberto Campo Baeza

Described as the most radical house they have ever made, House of the Infinite by Alberto Campo Baeza is located in the beautiful city of Cádiz, Spain. At the very edge of the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, where all … Read more
Art & Design Jul 14, 2014

Custom Fixed-Gear “Trophy Bike” by Rapt Studio

You might not be familiar with the name Steve Rendle but chances are you’ll know some of his work. As the senior vice president of VF Outdoor Corporation – parent company to Vans, Timberland, The North Face, Eastpak and several … Read more
Art & Design Jul 14, 2014

High-Society Icons as Logos by Mike Frederiqo

Dutch illustrator Mike Frederiqo follows up his recent efforts with a series of logos representing some of high society’s finest. Included among the illustrations are Marilyn Monroe and Cara Delevingne as Chanel‘s interlocking C’s, Rei… Read more
Art & Design Jul 14, 2014

Pony Girl Rockers by Peter Jakubik

Anyone who says toys are just for kids should take a look at the work of Slovakian designer Peter Jakubik. Taking one of the oldest playthings around – the traditional wooden rocking horse – he’s created something with a far … Read more
Art & Design Jul 14, 2014

Zacatitos 02 by Campos Leckie Studio

Situated in Mexico’s Baja California Sur, Zacatitos 02 is the second in a series of desert home prototypes by firm Campos Leckie Studio. The house is an experiment which looks at the occupation of space within a landscape, with a seamless… Read more
Art & Design Jul 11, 2014

Pop Culture Iconography Recreated with Bicycle Parts

It’s great when you can find a creative use for all the little things you’ve collected over the years. For graphic designer, branding student and cycle enthusiast Jenny Beatty, that meant tackling the shelves and shelves of bike parts she’d… Read more
Art & Design Jul 11, 2014

Maison L2 by Vincent Coste

Situated in Saint Tropez, France, Maison L2 offers a modern take on summer living. L2 House are responsible for the design, which features horizontal planes that are emphasised by wood and steel slatting. Designed around a central pool… Read more
Art & Design Jul 10, 2014

Famous Film Costumes Illustrated as Simple Outfit Grids

San Francisco-based designer and illustrator Putham presents a series of illustrations featuring the iconic costumes worn by characters in famous movies. Several iterations of Back to the Future costumes are included alongside an… Read more
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