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Art & Design Sep 16, 2014

KRINK x Modernica Fiberglass Side-Shell Chair

Art supply company KRINK teams up with contemporary furniture company Modernica for a unique take on the latter’s iconic fiberglass side-shell chair, modeled after the iconic model by Eames. The understated silhouette of the chair has… Read more
Art & Design Sep 15, 2014

Maison ART Residence by Agency Brengues Le Pavec

Located in Saint Clément de Rivière, France, architecture firm Agency Brengues Le Pavec recently concluded their work on the minimal and elegant Maison ART residence. Driving the overall design of the house is the landscape and slope of… Read more
Art & Design Sep 15, 2014

8 Things Not to Miss at Berlin Art Week 2014

With Berlin Art Week starting tomorrow, the city’s museums, institutions, fairs and project spaces will hold the third edition of the annual art festival with a wide variety of exhibitions, performances, talks, movie screenings and a lot… Read more
Art & Design Sep 15, 2014

Casa MO by Gonzalo Mardones Arquitecto

Located in the Chilean town and popular seaside resort Zapallar, Casa Mo is situated on an area with a steep slope facing the South Pacific Ocean. Gonzalo Mardones Arquitecto buried the residence within the hillside so as to create no… Read more
Art & Design Sep 14, 2014

Tsai Residence by Tai & Architectural Design

Taipei is home to the Tsai Residence by architectural firm Tai & Architectural Design, headed by Daniel Tai. In the past, Daniel has tackled a variety of spaces, ranging from elementary schools to hotels, while for this latest project he… Read more
Art & Design Sep 14, 2014

Hermès “Leather Forever” Exhibition Recap

French fashion house Hermès has gone hand-in-hand with superior leather goods for nearly two centuries, and to truly punctuate this point, the brand is touring an exhibition titled “Hermès Leather Forever.” The exhibition is comprised… Read more
Art & Design Sep 13, 2014

Canyons do Lago House by Mutabile Arquitetura

If you’re lucky enough for your house to have a surrounding environment as beautiful Capitólio in Minas Gerais, Brazil, then it’s logical to make the most of it through clever design of the house. Situated on the edge of Lake Furnas… Read more
Art & Design Sep 12, 2014

Aerial Views of Adria by Bernhard Lang

German photographer Bernhard Lang takes to the air to show us the Italian coast of Adria, one of Europe’s favorite vacation spots, in a very different way. Lang specializes in aerial photography, and has spent years honing his eye for … Read more
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