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Art & Design Sep 12, 2014

BAPE Launches Custom Fabric Furniture Collection

Having worked in the past already on custom versions of iconic furniture silhouettes, as seen here and here, BAPE gets ready to launch a custom furniture program. Iconic all-over prints of the Japanese brand are offered on fabric, including… Read more
Art & Design Sep 11, 2014

Sunset Strip Residence by McClean Design

The Sunset Strip Residence by Los Angeles-based design firm McClean Design consists of three separate entities: the house, garage and guest house. All three buildings are connected by a water feature that leads the eye to a pool and spa at… Read more
Art & Design Sep 8, 2014

Cliff House by Modscape

Concept architects Modscape have unveiled their latest design, in the form of this breathtaking cliff-side home. Taking influence from the way barnacles cling to a ship’s hull, the five-story abode hugs the cliffs on a parcel of land on… Read more
Art & Design Sep 8, 2014

“Woven Portraits” Series by David Samuel Stern

Photographer David Samuel Stern plays on the mysterious nature of artists’ creative processes by transforming the faces of composers, designers, and other creatives via a woven technique which fuses two separate portraits together to… Read more
Art & Design Sep 5, 2014

RAGE HANDCRAFT Paris Design Week 2014 Collection

Mexican design studio RAGE HANDCRAFT follows up last year’s series of beaded skulls, weapons and toys with a collection of goods set to debut at Paris Fashion Week. Each piece is decorated by the Huichol people of Mexico and includes… Read more
Art & Design Sep 5, 2014

Steven Harrington x Case Studyo “Sincerely Yours” Vase

Los Angeles pop art supremo Steven Harrington has teamed up, once again, with the masters of quirky consumer sculpture Case Studyo on a new item for the home. Following the duo’s lamp collection last year, the “Sincerely Yours” vase… Read more
Art & Design Sep 4, 2014

10 Game-Changing Photography Books

A good photo book is something that you can find your self returning to time and time again for a source of inspiration. With the Internet making the majority of photography easily accessible, holding a printed publication from your… Read more
Art & Design Sep 1, 2014

The Davis Residence by Miller Hull

Architects Miller Hull have recently completed their latest property in rural Washington State. Dubbed “The Davis Residence,” the 1,400-square-foot house is located on a wooded cliff site with views of the state’s coastal San Juan… Read more
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