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Fashion Jun 6, 2013

Norse Store Summer 2013 Lookbook

Norse Store has just released the lookbook for their Summer 2013 collection featuring summer tailoring, sweats and seasonal patterns. The lookbook style was inspired by geometrics created by the summer sun filtering through architectural… Read more
Caps & Hats Jun 4, 2013

Norse Projects Rip Stop 5-Panel Caps

Norse Projects took inspiration from the U.S. military for their Rip Stop 5-panel cap series. Done in three unique colorways, each cap features solid ripstop fabric designed to prevent tearing and ripping using a special reinforcing… Read more
Fashion May 7, 2013

Norse Projects Spring 2013 Denim Series

Copenhagen’s Norse Projects looked toward American workwear from the 1870s for their recent addition to their Spring 2013 lineup. Using denim selected from a limited U.S. source, the Denim Series adds two new models including a 6-panel flap… Read more
Caps & Hats Apr 24, 2013

Norse Projects Animal Print 5-Panel Caps

The wait is over, Norse Projects‘ newest lineup of 5-Panel caps has arrived. Available in three styles – beaver, squirrel and geese – each of the three caps are punctuated with an offbeat choice of U.S.-sourced animal print fabric. Tonal… Read more
Weekly Outfit Apr 19, 2013

Weekly Outfit: Weekend in the Park

That transition from winter dress to summer dress is like learning to ride a bicycle. When you start you think how the hell does anyone do this? No way man this is impossible, I’m never gonna be able to. And … Read more
Fashion Feb 27, 2013

Buyer’s Guide: The Best Marl Sweatshirts Around

  Nothing says, ‘I’m wearing a sweatshirt’, more than wearing a sweatshirt. And nothing says, ‘I’m wearing a sweatshirt, but see how I’ve opted for a slightly more sportswear vibe,’ like a marl sweatshirt. The textile composed of a mottled… Read more
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