Toys May 2, 2013

LEGO Polaroid OneStep SX-70 by Chris McVeigh

The LEGO guru, Chris McVeigh has created a LEGO replica of the Polaroid OneStep SX-70 camera, also known as the Polaroid Land Camera 1000. The impressive model shows off its awesome functionality feature by ejecting a little photo (see… Read more
Gadgets Jan 8, 2013

Polaroid iM1836: The Android-Powered Smart Camera

  It looks like it’s official that Sakar will be producing the Polaroid iM1836. The device will be the first Android-powered compact interchangeable-lens 18 MP smart camera and will come loaded with the latest Android 4.1 “Jelly Bean”… Read more
Gadgets Aug 16, 2012

Impossible for Bape Polaroid Camera Set

The Impossible Project presents its latest collaborative effort. This time they teamed up with Japanese brand Bape on a Polaroid Camera Set. The brand worked on the iconic SX70 Polaroid camera, gave it a premium leather upper with the Bape… Read more
Gadgets Jun 27, 2012

Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera

Polaroid will be dropping this 10MP Z2300 Instant Digital Camera this coming August. This interesting little compact camera comes with an integrated printer so you can print your photos on Zink ink-less paper. There’s actually a lot of… Read more
Gadgets Apr 9, 2012

Impossible Project Black Label Polaroid SX-70

The Impossible Project introduces their new Black Label Polaroid SX-70 camera. Any folding Polaroid camera will catch peoples attention, but this new Black Label version is especially nice we have to admit. This unique kit contains a… Read more
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