Stepney Workers Club

Stepney Workers Club is skate culture meets workwear. We were immediately drawn to SWC's cheeky and fresh branding as well as its superb quality and charming price point. There is a free, easy-going vibe to the brand, a sense of cultural openness that we have come to love.

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Stepney Workers Club is a brand on a mission. Since 2018, founders Simon See and Roger Pereira have worked tirelessly to provide vulcanized footwear that is genreless and goes with any fit. The brand embodies versatility and casual cool, but with a message — its 'Freedom of Sport, Freedom of Thought' tagline stems from the original anti-fascist, anti-war sports group, the Stepney Workers Club from East London. The OG group’s inclusive nature, appreciation for free-thinking, and historical ties to the founders directly inspired SWC's poignant approach to storytelling.

Frill-free, its sneakers are wardrobe staples, versatile but dependable. They pay homage to the vulcanized styles that were so pervasive in the '50s and '80s while experimenting with unique proportions and silhouettes. Slip-ons, lace-ups, and hi-tops from the brand feature heavy-duty, durable-yet supple canvas uppers.

Stepney Workers Club uses traditional shoemaking methods to construct its footwear. Sneakers are made with vulcanized rubber soles, a cotton drill canvas upper, high-wall foxings and are topped off with the brand's symbolic handshake logo. The final product is an impeccably forged shoe that is refined, cool and minimal.

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