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Produced and designed in Japan, Medicom Toy’s Bearbrick (or [email protected]) first stepped onto the figurine scene in 2001. Since then, the Japanese-made toys have become widely popular and collectible, also counting collaborations with some of the biggest names in streetwear, art, and design.

For the uninitiated, Bearbrick toys come in various sizes, which are listed from 100% to 1000%. The 100% is the smallest, coming in at 2-inches (5cm), while the biggest size, the 1000%, is as tall as 27-inches (70cm). In general, the most popular sizes tend to be 100%, 200%, and 400%.

With Bearbricks among the most coveted of collectibles, it’s inevitable that some of them will end up at consignment stores. Still, buying Bearbrick toys doesn’t mean going for broke, as some options out there are currently retailing for under $100. Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites reselling at prices for every budget, ranging between $50 and $700.

Our highlights include 100% size models, such as BAIT‘s gold-colored iteration, as well as bigger versions like the 400% (at 11-inches, or 20cm), with the Rick and Morty collab being one of our current favorites. If you can’t choose between sizes, you’ll also find 100% and 400% sets, with Medicom Toys’ collabs with Emotionally Unavailable, KITH, and more all available online.

Scroll on for a look at our favorite Bearbrick toys reselling right now.

Gold Bar 100%

Bearbrick BAIT x Medicom

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400% Black

Bearbrick x MISHKA x LONG

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100% & 400% Set

Bearbrick x Jean-Michel Basquiat

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Rick and Morty 400%

Bearbrick BAIT x Medicom

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100% & 400% Set

Kith x Bearbrick

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Superalloy Chogokin 200% Bearbrick

Bearbrick x Medicom

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Bearbrick Emotionally Unavailable Heart 100% & 400% Set

Medicom Toy

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