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Dive into the all-season must-have wardrobe staple: the knit shirt. Its timeless appeal resonates not only through the corridors of classic fashion but also echoes amidst the buzzing trends of TikTok, immortalized in mood boards and cinema, and adorning our closets. This knit icon traces its roots to post-war Italy, evolving from a humble beginning to become an irreplaceable classic.

The knit polo shirt takes the quintessential collar design and seamlessly marries it with the warmth and comfort of a woven, sweater-esque fabric, sidestepping the stiffness of traditional pique cotton and the ubiquitous T-shirt cotton. By embracing the smoothness of silk, the comfort of merino wool, or the snugness of cotton-blends, knit polos offer a lightweight, breathable, and soft alternative. Picture yourself at a chic pool party at SOHO House or savoring the balmy breeze on a romantic European getaway in Bari— the knit polo is your perfect companion.

Synthesizing the airy comfort of casual tops with the snug allure of sweaters, knit polo shirts embody the ultimate sartorial fusion. Despite the ebb and flow of its popularity, its association with the crème de la crème of men's fashion assures its perennial appeal.

In tune with this enduring trend, top-notch fashion houses like Dries Van Noten, BODE, and Wales Bonner have unveiled their takes on knit shirts recently. Whether you're aiming to turn heads at your next office soiree or revamping your holiday ensemble, our collection of knit shirts promises to arm you with versatile style solutions.

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