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New Balance has some of the most beautiful sneaker silhouettes in the game. We love that they have such a retro look but use contemporary design language that appeals to just about every style.

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WRPD Runner Magnet
New BalanceWRPD Runner Magnet
NOK 2,130.00
U991TB2 Coco Mocca
New BalanceU991TB2 Coco Mocca
NOK 2,960.00
M991BGW Brown
New BalanceM991BGW Brown
NOK 2,670.00
XC72 SC Black
New BalanceXC72 SC Black
NOK 1,450.00
MT580GNV Nimbus Cloud
New BalanceMT580GNV Nimbus Cloud
NOK 1,820.00
U9060NRG Tea Tree
New BalanceU9060NRG Tea Tree
NOK 2,250.00
U9060NRH Blue Agate
New BalanceU9060NRH Blue Agate
NOK 2,250.00
M2002RXQ Black Coffee
New BalanceM2002RXQ Black Coffee
NOK 2,360.00
ML610TML Moonbeam
New BalanceML610TML Moonbeam
NOK 1,540.00
BB550VGB Sea Salt
New BalanceBB550VGB Sea Salt
NOK 1,770.00
ML610XH GTX Brown
New BalanceML610XH GTX Brown
NOK 2,130.00
ML610XJ GTX Phantom
New BalanceML610XJ GTX Phantom
NOK 2,130.00
U9060TAT Turtledove
New BalanceU9060TAT Turtledove
NOK 2,250.00
MR530CK Raincloud
New BalanceMR530CK Raincloud
NOK 1,540.00
ML610TBA Nimbus Cloud
New BalanceML610TBA Nimbus Cloud
NOK 1,540.00
ML610TBB Black
New BalanceML610TBB Black
NOK 1,540.00
ML610TBC Timberwolf
New BalanceML610TBC Timberwolf
NOK 1,540.00
M2002RCC Calm Taupe
New BalanceM2002RCC Calm Taupe
NOK 1,770.00
M1906RI White
New BalanceM1906RI White
NOK 1,890.00
M1906RB Castlerock
New BalanceM1906RB Castlerock
NOK 2,010.00
M1906RA Metallic Silver
New BalanceM1906RA Metallic Silver
NOK 1,890.00
BB550VGA Sea Salt
New BalanceBB550VGA Sea Salt
NOK 1,770.00
BB550HA1 White
New BalanceBB550HA1 White
NOK 1,650.00
MR530AA1 Moonbeam
New BalanceMR530AA1 Moonbeam
NOK 1,420.00
M2002REK Linen
New BalanceM2002REK Linen
NOK 1,770.00
M2002RST Steel
New BalanceM2002RST Steel
NOK 1,770.00
M2002REL NB Navy
New BalanceM2002REL NB Navy
NOK 1,770.00
MADE in UK 991v1 "Finale Pack" Pale Khaki
New BalanceMADE in UK 991v1 "Finale Pack" Pale Khaki
NOK 2,720.00
MADE in UK 991v1 "Finale Pack" Delicioso
New BalanceMADE in UK 991v1 "Finale Pack" Delicioso
NOK 2,720.00
1906 NB Team Away Gray
New Balance1906 NB Team Away Gray
NOK 2,130.00
M1906NC Angora
New BalanceM1906NC Angora
NOK 2,130.00
1906 NA Castlerock
New Balance1906 NA Castlerock
NOK 2,130.00
WRPD Runner Dark Mushroom
New BalanceWRPD Runner Dark Mushroom
NOK 2,180.00
1906 REE Silver Metallic
New Balance1906 REE Silver Metallic
NOK 1,890.00
991v2 Rock Ridge
New Balance991v2 Rock Ridge
NOK 2,960.00
1906 REH Harbor Gray
New Balance1906 REH Harbor Gray
NOK 1,890.00
U9060BLK Black
New BalanceU9060BLK Black
NOK 2,250.00
URC30EC Moonrock
New BalanceURC30EC Moonrock
NOK 1,420.00
U9060NRI Black
New BalanceU9060NRI Black
NOK 2,250.00
991v2 Pickled Beet
Patta x New Balance991v2 Pickled Beet
NOK 2,960.00
1906 DF Black
New Balance1906 DF Black
NOK 2,180.00
1906 DI Eclipse
New Balance1906 DI Eclipse
NOK 2,180.00
U 9060 GM Gray Matter
New BalanceU 9060 GM Gray Matter
NOK 2,300.00
1906 DH Silver Metallic
New Balance1906 DH Silver Metallic
NOK 2,180.00
U 9060 PH Blacktop
New BalanceU 9060 PH Blacktop
NOK 2,300.00
M 2002 REG Driftwood
New BalanceM 2002 REG Driftwood
NOK 1,358.00
NOK 1,940.00
BB480 LPH White/Pink
New BalanceBB480 LPH White/Pink
NOK 1,210.00
M2002REH Castlerock
New BalanceM2002REH Castlerock
NOK 1,261.00
NOK 1,940.00

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New Balance sneakers have rapidly become a cultural obsession, emerging as a wardrobe essential for sneakerheads, athletes, and anyone looking to update their sneaker game. Retro silhouettes like the 990s have popped-up as the poster-child of "dad-style" fashion waves. Equally, instant must-have collaborations with Aimé Leon Dore have kept the basketball-inspired 550s at the top of the footwear canon. Decades after the launch of its revolutionary running shoe, New Balance is still changing the sneaker landscape.

The Boston-based company has consistently secured the sweet spot between technical detailing, premium materials, and confident design. The brand started in 1906 as a company that produced arch supports for athletes and everyday people constantly on their feet. It wasn't until the 1960s that the company decided to build a shoe around their coveted arch supports. The brand has been obsessed with comfort and quality from day one, laying the framework for the shoes today. Popular lines like the 99Xs commonly incorporate pig suede, leather, and 3M materials into their uppers and the brand's shock-absorbing SBS ABZORB cushioning into their heels.

Today New Balance has an extended roster of well-made shoes, coveted for their off-beat designs, retro aesthetic, a slew of remixed colorways, and chunky bodies. Notable partnerships with Bodega, Kith, JJJJound, Salehe Bembury, and Stray Rats have pushed the brand into the forefront of sneaker culture, turning sneakers like the 2002Rs and 574s into modern classics. Now, with Aimé Leon Dore’s Teddy Santis joining the brand as Creative Director of the MADE in USA line, New Balance is set to dominate the sneaker landscape.

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