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Fashion Nov 23, 2012

NHIZ x Alpha Industries Military Jacket

Following up on previous efforts, NHIZ links with Hong Kong retailer Izzue on a collaboration project with Alpha Industries. The classic military jacket in olive green featuring a furred hood and skull embroidery plus NHIZ signature stamps… Read more
Fashion Oct 9, 2011

Swagger x Alpha MA-1 Vest

As far as military style jackets go, the MA-1 bomber continues to be a favorite. Swagger and Alpha Industries have teamed up here on a vest version of the popular flight jacket, which comes in 2 different colors: black and … Read more
Fashion Nov 7, 2010

Swagger x Alpha Plain M-51 Jacket

After presenting you the patch covered version of the M-51 jacket, we showcase today the much cleaner plain version by Swagger and Alpha Industries. It comes in a khaki colorway with a few subtle details, not distracting from the classic… Read more
Fashion Oct 31, 2010

Swagger x Alpha Fishtail Parka

Next to the bomber jacket, Japanese brand Swagger has also collaborated with Alpha Industries on a fishtail parka for Fall/Winter 2010. The jacket comes in khaki and black, featuring patches and pins on the upper, as well as a fur … Read more
Fashion Sep 29, 2010

XLARGE® x Alpha Industries Pea Coat

Proven U.S. manufacturer Alpha Industries joins forces with XLARGE on a duo of wool Pea Coats. The outer of the coat is kept fairly classic, in navy or black wool, with small hits of accent colors on the button holes, … Read more
Fashion Sep 22, 2010

Swagger x Alpha Plain MA-1

As part of their Fall/Winter 2010 Collection, Swagger has collaborated with Alpha on their classic MA-1 jacket. It comes in black, military green and white, featuring some small added details, compared to the original version. Take a look… Read more
Fashion Sep 24, 2008

UCS x Alpha Industries A-2 Woven Leather Jacket

Japanese label UCS got together with Alpha Industries as part of their Fall/Winter 2008 collection. Together the two brands produced woven A-2 leather jackets. The classic silhouette got a premium upgrade. Both logos appears on tags on the… Read more
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