Around half a decade since their last collaboration, Patta has joined forces with Alpha Industries once more.

In 2016, the pair worked together on an N-3B parka, but this time around they've switched up the pace, reimagining the equally iconic M-65 field jacket. The M-65 was initially made for the US Armed Forces, which used it right up until 2009. Alpha Industries brought it back to the public again in 2019. The jacket is a pop culture icon and was famously worn by Travis Bickle in the 1976 classic Taxi Driver, while countless brands, including Saint Laurent, have put their own spin on it.

The jacket comes in a traditional sage green tone with a bright orange removable ALS Liner that can be worn on its own. Where it gets interesting is the material. Eschewing the unique Nyco satin that the M-65 field jacket was composed of, Patta and Alpha Industries have opted for a flight nylon material that is typically used on MA-1 Bomber Jackets. Patta branding can be found on the right chest.

The Patta Alpha Industries M-65 field jacket dropped yesterday with a price of around $400. Find out more over at Patta.

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